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Social Media Marketing

Engage your customers and create a loyal following.

Social media is just one part of your online marketing strategy, but it's an important one – because that's where your customers are spending their time.

Social media helps you reach prospective customers where they hang out. Through Facebook, Twitter, blogging, email, or one of the niche-specific networks, social media helps you engage your current customers, generate referrals, reviews and repeat business.  

We work with clients on a monthly retainer to create fun, shareable, topical content – blog posts, infograpics, photos, and more – designed to inspire conversation around your business and inspire sharing throughout the social media sphere so you can reach more people.

Frequently publishing new content not only keeps your site fresh and relevant, it's integral to your search engine rankings.  

We can help you integrate blog, social media and your website; and craft strategic copy that improves your search rankings and converts website visitors into leads.

To read more about strategic copywriting click here.  

Getting your site visitors to follow you on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to your email marketing is one of the most important steps you can take to establish a connection with a potential customer.  

But it only makes sense if it's part of a larger strategy - a sales funnel that begins wherever people are, and then leads strategically back to your website where we have a unique opportunity to capture their attention and turn them into a customer.

This is the kind of sales funnel we help our clients build. We can help you too.

We'll make social media work for you.


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