Attorney Website Design


Inspire confidence and attract new clients with a modern, flexible website.

Inspire confidence

Showcase your authority with a clean, modern website.

Make a connection

Show prospective clients you understand their situation and can help them navigate it.

Rank in Google

A smart SEO strategy focuses on matching prospective clients to your areas of practice.

Flexible and Easy

A cloud-hosted, secure solution that's easy to manage.

Does your law firm's website work for you?

Is it bringing in new business? Impressing peers and competitors?

A law firm website needs to showcase your areas of practice, highlight your strengths, and give new clients a reason to contact you, instead of one of the other attorneys they're considering.

To do this, an effective attorney website design functions as an extension of your front office - helping prospective clients see that you care about every aspect of their experience from the moment they walk in your door.

Whether you are a solo practice or have a small to medium size firm, a law practice with a compelling website can attract new clients, showcase your services and highlight your expertise.

Lawyer website design that instills trust

People make decisions based on a number of factors and how you appear, as superficial as that may sound, is a big part of that.  Prospective clients searching for an attorney to take their case are looking for someone they can trust and who will will be their advocate and guide them through a daunting legal process.  For some, your attorney website is the first point of contact they may have with your firm.  How do you want them to feel when they arrive on your site?  Design elements that inspire confidence and trust lay the ground work at an emotional level.  The website architecture that is mindful of what your clients are looking for so that they can navigate the site and contact you easily are essential elements to an effective attorney website design.

Put your expertise front and center

A website that is chock full of useful information benefits your clients as well as your SEO.  Creating landing pages that talk about each of your Practice Areas, with FAQs and links to resources are incredibly valuable.  Creating content such as articles or blog posts and updating that content frequently lets your site visitors know that you are active, engaged and smart.

Attorney online marketing

There’s a world of online marketing that goes beyond your website.  Search engine optimization, email drip campaigns, social media marketing or paid advertising are all ways to stay connected to people looking for your services or who may need your services in the future.  A partnership with an online marketing company, such as Bizango, that has experience working with law firms is essential in your marketing tool box.



Our clients love our easy update system. This fully-managed CMS and hosting service makes it really simple for busy people to update text and photos on their websites without having to mess around with HTML or the hassles of wordpress.

Add new products and services, upload photos, update your pricing or team profile, all without having to call a webmaster and without having to rely on templates.

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  • A fully-managed marketing platform
  • No IT resources required
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  • Inline editing on every page
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Our dedicated Seattle team has the combined design, technology and search engine expertise to create powerful, effective online marketing campaigns.
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