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Inspire confidence and attract new clients
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Does your law firm’s website design work for you?

Does it attract new clients? Impress peers and competitors?

A law firm website needs to showcase your areas of practice, highlight your strengths, and give new clients a reason to contact you, instead of one of the other lawyers they’re considering.

Whether you are a solo practice, a boutiqiue firm or a large, national firm, a compelling website helps any law practice attract new clients by showcasing your services and highlighting your expertise and culture.

To do this, your website design needs to function as an extension of your front office - showing prospective clients that you care about every aspect of their experience from the moment they walk in your door.

Win the Clients you
Really Want.

A powerful website grabs attention, showcases your firm’s expertise, and inspires the right clients to take action.

Attorney website design that inspires trust

Clients make decisions based on a number of factors and first impressions play a big role.  We understand the importance of showing prospective clients that you're someone they can trust. You'll be their advocate and guide them through a daunting legal process. 

In many cases, your attorney website design is the first interaction they have with your firm.  How do you want them to feel when they arrive on your site?  Design elements that inspire confidence and trust lay the groundwork at an emotional level.  The website architecture is mindful of what your clients are looking for, they can navigate the site and contact you easily.

Put your expertise front and center

A website that is full of useful information benefits your clients -- and your SEO.  Creating landing pages that talk about each of your Practice Areas, with FAQs and links to resources are incredibly valuable.  Creating content such as articles or blog posts and updating that content frequently lets your site visitors know that you are active and engaged.

Attorney online marketing

There’s a world of online marketing that goes beyond your website. Search engine optimization and paid advertising can help you stay connected to people looking for your services or who may need your services in the future.  A partnership with a sophisticated online marketing company is essential to your marketing toolbox.

Our High-Performing Attorney Website Designs Include:

Inspire Confidence with a Modern Look

Prospective clients, peers and adversaries visit a firm’s site to assess your capabilities. It’s easy to impress with a fully-branded modular design.

Practice Areas

Either a services list, or individual landing page for each area of practice which can be made into optimized SEO landing pages.

Attorneys, Staff Bios

Easy to add/remove individual bios for attorneys and staff. Each person can have an individual bio page or you can publish a simple directory.

Powerful SEO and Analytics

Live analytics provide real-time insights.  Powerful, data-driven SEO helps you target your ideal customer early in their decision process.

Easy Website Management

Modern and flexible, powerful editing tools put you in the driver’s seat. Edit text and photos sitewide.

Firm Overview & Locations

Help prospective clients - and Google - understand what makes the firm unique vs. competing options just a click away.

Attorney Website Design Gallery

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Our Sophisticated Attorney Web Design Process

We've been launching market-leading attorney websites for over fifteen years. Our mission? Make it easy for you. This is how we do it.

SEO Data + Research

Every project begins with research: we study what your ideal prospect is typing into their search engine. This data shapes website development at every stage, from architecture to optimization.

The result is that more clients land on your site, through multiple targeted front doors showcasing the types of cases you're actually looking for.

Onboarding + Kickoff

Your project begins before kickoff as we gather information about you and your clients so we can hit the ground running at our creative kickoff.

In the kickoff we have an in-depth and creative conversation about where you want to go as a firm. Who's your ideal client? In what areas would you like more cases? How can we design a site that appeals to the mindset of these people?

Collaborative Design

After listening to your goals, learning about your firm and clients and competitors, our design team creates visual design and reviews it with you.

We iterate every step of the way based on your feedback until you love it.

Does this feel like you? Does it make your jaw drop? We won’t stop till we get to WOW.

Flexible Layouts

After a punchlist process to ensure your site lives up to your standards, we launch to the public.

Since your site is built using a flexible, drag-and-drop editing system, you're in the driver's seat. You can add new staff and partners, update your areas of practice, and move things around to keep everything fresh.

Our dedicated Seattle team has the combined design, technology and search engine expertise to create powerful, effective online marketing campaigns.
We’ll help you win more customers and we will make your life easier.

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