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E-commerce Web Design

We'll create a beautiful, distinctive e-commerce website for your business.

E-Commerce for all!

We create attractive, contemporary e-commerce websites that inspire trust and connect with visitors emotionally. 

A smart SEO strategy helps attract new buyers. Clean design, a bold modern aesthetic, and clear navigation draw them deeper inside. 

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These days we have a choice of e-commerce platforms. We choose to work with shopify.

This platform offers complete, fully-hosted, turn-key e-commerce functionality with immense design flexibility that gives our designers + developers the flexibility we need to build a gorgeous e-commerce website that looks unique and distinctive, but is powered by a strong, secure and reliable core.

Like People CMS, it's a "fully-managed," cloud-based solution. That means what when we develop your store on this platform, shopify will handle hosting, security, system upgrades, bandwidth, support, and pretty much everything else technical.

Yet this is not a template store: we have deep developer access to their templates and code so that we can create a beautiful, custom shopping experinece.

Some of the features we can deploy on this platform include -

  •     Customer account creation & management
  •     Embed video
  •     Product inventory & variant management
  •     Multiple photos per product
  •     Flexible, integrated shipping fees with automatic carrier rates
  •     Ability for customers to review and rate products
  •     Payment Gateway integration with your credit card processor
  •     Shipping rate calculations based on weight / distance / etc.
  •     24/7 telephone support
  •     Secure web hosting
  •     Analytics
  •     Retail Point-of-Sale Software integrated with your e-commerce site.


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