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The Edge

Medical Device E-Commerce and Brand Development

The right mouthguard gives you an edge.

The Edge is a technologically-innovative mouthguard and the company's founder has launched an innovative new way for customers to buy a professionally-fit custom mouthguard without a trip to the dentist.

A versatile brand

Bizango created a versatile brand, from naming and messaging, logo design, through the creation of the e-commerce website.

Nightguards and Sportsguards are sold to different customers. So we created a flexible brand with an extended color palette to embrace different moods...

Day and Night

Nightguard customers seek peace, health and restfulness. Soothing colors reassure and comfort.

Sportsguard customers take the field and compete with aggression. Vibrant tones imbue this product with energy.

As a flexible product family with a versatile brand, the Edge is with them every step of the way.

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