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The founders of this augmented-reality mobile app startup had just been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. They enlisted Bizango to build a stunning and immersive website that would build upon their Shark Tank success and help introduce the broad consumer market to a unique and innovative product.

We created an immersive, consumer-facing website, helping to position the app and brand for the mass market.

Capturing the Magic

The experience of actually using Novel Effect’s app is pure magic. Turn it on when reading a bedtime story to your child, and music and sound effects follow along with you as you read, softly filling the room with an immersive ambiance and occasionally puncutating with a splash or scritch or purr - just at the right moment in the story.

The website uses imagery and subtle touches of animation to immerse the visitor in the magic of that experience.

The result: an effective marketing website that grabs attention, captivates with a compelling image, kicks in with an irresistible story, and never lets its audience go. The ultimate goal is to get the site visitor to download a free app and begin experiencing Novel Effect for themselves.


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