Entrepreneurism is about creating, not just going into business

April 16, 2010

Entrepreneurism is more about creating something than it is “going into business”. Its about having an idea and making it happen. 

Despite the variety of businesses represented among the self-employed, a common thread among entrepreneurs is the ability to create solutions to common problems. Entrepreneurs want to find meaning in what they do and create. And most importantly, entrepreneurs possess tenacity. 

Bizango’s content management system was created out of a vision to make something better. One of Mark’s (Bizango’s creative director and visionary/developer of the Easy Update Tools) many passions is his focus on “usability” (truthfully, he’s a fanatic on the subject). It was Mark’s goal to create a CMS that was intuitive, especially to non-technical people, and required little if any training. Our business was essentially born out of this desire to create a simple, intuitive, elegant tool that would improve the lives of small business owners. 

Going into business for yourself is almost never about the money. Make no mistake, money matters--we couldn’t be in business without some profit. But the bottom line is more than the dollars and cents. Its about pride and satisfaction in creating something that will make other peoples’ lives better, easier, or more beautiful.

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