How a New Website for Your Startup Company Can Attract Investors

March 25, 2022

Venture Capitalists and other investors often have many questions for startups, such as:

  • What’s your value proposition?
  • Is your idea proprietary?
  • What are the advantages your product offers over the existing competition?
  • What’s your sales/marketing strategy?

When it comes to attracting and wowing investors for your startup company, a new website will inform and help set the stage for upcoming discussions.

Read on to learn more about why a professionally designed website is essential for attracting investors and VCs.

An Impressive Design

Investors are bombarded with countless pitches every single week. They’re used to seeing startups who are using an obviously basic WordPress template coupled with boring stock images.

Custom fonts, images, and other impressive visual cues all come together to create a noteworthy and persuasive website design that will impress investors and make a strong case for why they should invest in your startup.

You and Your Team

VCs sometimes refer to the company’s founder as the “jockey” and the management team as the “horse.”

Harvard Business Review wrote a story that examines how venture capitalists make decisions.

“Our survey found that VCs believe both the jockey and the horse are necessary—but ultimately deem the founding management team to be more critical. As the legendary VC investor Peter Thiel told us, “We live and die by our founders.”

Investors want to know that the startup they’re investing in has a competent leader and management. A professionally designed website will allow investors to make their first introductions through an “About Us” page that showcases the founder/CEO, the entire management team, and their bios.

Instills Trust

Trust is one of the most important factors that investors and VCs rely upon when vetting a startup. Having a professionally designed website with all the information investors need is critical to establishing trust.   

There are several other ways websites build trust with investors:

  • Provide testimonials
  • Offers social proof (through mentions in the press, media logos, awards, etc.)
  • Helpful content resources
  • Intuitively sets expectations
  • Company blog

Persuasive Copy

One of the biggest challenges that many startups face is talking about and selling their own product. Working with a reputable website design company that offers copywriting strategy or services will help put your best foot forward using persuasive language to woo investors.

Successful website copy includes not only a persuasive overview of your startup, but also lays out personas, messaging goals, and CTAs. This helps establish a user journey—from the search results to your site to your contact page.  Adding in your key search terms to the copy can also benefit your search rankings.

SEO and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing are two critical components of a successful website. They will help get your site ranked in the organic search results for keywords that potential investors are using to search.

Lead capture forms and targeted landing pages will help ensure that those who want to reach out to you can do so easily. Social media and pay-per-click management services will also help drive curious investors directly to your website.

Interactive Media and Content

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video is worth a million. A professionally designed website will allow you and your team to take advantage of the power of video content.

There are a wide range of videos that you can include, such as:

  • CEO/Founder interview
  • Animated sales pitch
  • Presentation
  • Product/service demonstration


Investors want to see a brand when they come to your website. The colors, fonts, messaging, logos, and other elements that make up your website should accurately reflect your brand and mission statement. The branding elements of a website all come together to influence, persuade, and inspire confidence

At Bizango, we can help you with the following branding elements:

Naming—We can help you create or choose a compelling, memorable name for your company, products, and services.

Mission + Messaging—clarify mission statements, scripts, copy, taglines, and value propositions that help command attention and allow you to stand out.

Logo Development—In addition to inspiring confidence, a logo helps create a long-lasting, memorable impression.

Print + Digital—Showcase your company, products, or services through professionally designed print and digital collateral.


Website Design for Startup Companies

At Bizango, we help startups achieve their goals and make an impact through our easy-to-manage modern website design. We’ve helped many startups over the years design a memorable and eye-catching site to woo investors. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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