Meet our Creative Director

February 09, 2016

Seattle designer and writer Mark Figlozzi founded Bizango in 2006. He earned his degree in Creative Writing at Oberlin, and believes in the power of storytelling and emotion when it comes to marketing. He believes a website should be beautiful and immersive to create desire. We humans make our most important decisions at an emotional level and good taste sells. 

Obsessed with making things easy for our clients, and dissatisfied with the usability of popular CMSs, Mark guides development of our powerful content management system. It’s driven by simplicity: there’s no admin portal to learn; website owners can edit every word, blog, and replace photos directly on the web page itself. The CMS receives frequent feature upgrades — the latest is a set of powerful new SEO tools to help clients grow.

Personal facts:

• Mark reads good novels but only finishes great ones because life is short.  

• He prefers music on vinyl.  

• He has 3 kids and is married to cofounder Susan Jackson.  

• He rides his bike to work every day, so if you’re in a meeting with him, secretly, his socks are probably wet.    

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