Tips To A Successful E-Commerce Website

July 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we launched the new website for Holy Lamb Organics, a small manufacturer of organic bedding located just south of Olympia, WA.  Holy Lamb Organics produces high quality organic bedding -- from organic cotton sheets to locally produced wool mattress toppers.  Their high quality, locally made bedding, great customer service and zero-waste eco-standards have helped make them successful.  Heck, even Oprah loves them.  

Our goal as their web design team was to create a new site for HLO, one that was warm and inviting and would beautifully showcase their products in an online store.  Like many businesses with an online storefront, integrating e-commerce with their site was a very important element in this project.

Here are 5 tips to a successful e-commerce website: 

  1. Invest in a secure payment gateway.  Having a secure payment gateway is essential in e-commerce.  An e-commerce business will only be successful if their customers’ payment information is secure.  Savvy online shoppers will only proceed to checkout if they are reassured that their credit card information is safe.  Without a secure payment gateway for your online store, you have nothing.  
  2. Make it simple for the customer. Good web design can displaying the products in a way that is clean and simple and will make it a more enjoyable shopping experience for the customer. Also, being able to easily select a category, find product information, sizing and price make it convenient for the customer to make their purchase.  The path from choosing products to checkout should be fluid and effortless on the part of the customer.  
  3. Have good photos and descriptions.  A picture speaks a thousand words, right?  Potential customers want to see what they are buying.  Having professional photos of your products make all the difference.  Provide photos of the product at different angles or in different colors.  Product descriptions should be well-written, informative and engaging.  
  4.  Build trust with the customer.  From choosing products to finding information about the return policy, the customer should be offered all the information up front.  Providing a free sample, information about the warranty policy, verification of certifications or awards, and even reviews of the product right from the product page add up to creating trust.  Customers are more likely to buy online if they feel they can trust the shop and can reach someone easily if they have a problem.  Make sure the company’s contact information is clear and easy to find. 
  5. Fast, easy checkout.  The checkout process should be easy and quick.  The fewer clicks the customer has to make, the fewer chances they’ll have to re-think their purchase, or get frustrated with the process.  Customers often remember the final moments of their online experience, like the checkout process, so make your final impressions good.  

Many businesses these days depend on e-commerce for their success.  Having a well-designed online store that’s easy to navigate, that’s secure and creates trust with the customer are essential. 

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