Web Marketing Basics, part 3

March 10, 2011

Welcome back to Web Marketing Basics, part 3. Now that you’ve announced your website (part 1), and established a social media platform (part 2), the next step is to

3.Create content. 

Content is what you write to promote your business. This could take the form as copy on your website, blog postings or article submissions. 

If you thought your days of writing were over after graduating from college (your English professors are going to love this), think again. If you’re in business and you have anything to do with your own marketing, you’re inevitably writing. 

To write about topics that are relevant to your industry will generate interest in your site and therefore in your business. If what you write is REALLY interesting, you could have a following of people who come back to your site for information. These visitors are more likely to think of you as an authority on the topic and will want to do their business with you. 

Updating the content on your site frequently, especially if it is relevant to your business and includes keywords, can also help your ranking on Google (I’ll discuss this in greater depth in part 4).

And writing for the web has some special considerations which I’ve discussed in my previous blog “Rules to writing copy for the web”.

Creating content, like your social media strategy, will take time. But you will be writing from your own experience and it will give you a platform to show off your expertise. With time, it can help to generate interest in your business, maybe even leads. If you’re having trouble coming up with topics to write about, start with questions or concerns that your clients frequently ask you, such as “why aren’t I getting more leads from my website?”. Chances are, there are others with the same questions who would benefit from your words of wisdom. 

Tune in soon for our final segment on web marketing basics; SEO strategy!

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