What Is SSL and Do I need It?

December 09, 2021

SSL stands for ‘secure sockets layer’.  It is a digital certificate that when added to a site encrypts any data that is passed between web server and browser, thereby making the data ‘secure’.

You can tell if a site has SSL by looking at the site’s URL in the web browser.  If you see the ’S’ at the end of “HTTPS”, that indicates the site is ‘secure’.

In the past, HTTPS website hosting was mostly used by e-commerce sites. But web browsers have started labeling sites without HTTPS as “insecure” and over time Google will likely start considering it as an increasingly important factor in your SEO rankings.  It is considered best practice these days to have SSL which will cause your site to show the little lock ‘secure’ icon in the browser. 

We recommend that all sites have SSL encryption.   

To include this SSL encryption on your site, contact us to discuss upgrading your Bizango hosting.

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