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People CMS

The easiest way to manage your website.

Edit Text and Update Photos

Promote your latest offerings. Update your portfolio. Add photos, news and more.

Seamlessly Integrated

Edit everything inline, directly on the page where it lives.

Fully-Managed, Fast and Secure

A cloud-hosted, turn-key solution supported by a local team.

Dedicated, Local Support

When you need help, your dedicated team is a phone call away.

People CMS makes it simple to edit your website. There’s no software to install or manage. No wordpress to patch or manage. And no waiting for your “web guy” to update your site.

  • Add news and offer new products
  • Highlight upcoming sales and events.
  • Post photos in a beautiful gallery. 
  • No technical skills required.

If you can use Word, you can use the hassle-free Easy Update Tools. It's weirdly easy.

Our Seattle CMS has been in production for over ten years, and is used today by hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals. Our clients love how easy it is to use, and we are constantly adding new features to make our customers' lives hassle-free.

“A truly professional-class website with the ease of an etch-a-sketch.”

Business Coach Shannon Post

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Search Engine Optimization is always evolving. Fighting for your top spot in the rankings requires frequent updates and occasional pivots.

The Easy Update System makes it easy to watch your traffic and manage your SEO strategy. Optimize your content, meta tags and urls. Update your search keywords to respond to an ever-changing marketplace, or to emphasize new areas of work. Change direction on a dime. 

With People CMS you’re in the driver’s seat.

If you're serious about SEO, the it's the perfect SEO-friendly content management platform. Everything you need is right here:

Our clients love our easy update system. This fully-managed CMS and hosting service makes it really simple for busy people to update text and photos on their websites without having to mess around with HTML or the hassles of wordpress.

Add new products and services, upload photos, update your pricing or team profile, all without having to call a webmaster and without having to rely on templates.


  • A true drag and drop visual editing system
  • Integrated design styles keep everything on-brand
  • A fully-managed marketing platform
  • No IT resources required
  • Designed with SEO in mind
  • Fully supported by a local team

There’s no judgement here.

Maybe you have already chosen another platform such as WordPress.  We still love you. The developers at Bizango have worked with the most popular CMS and E-commerce platforms in the industry.

We work with clients to create and maintain gorgeous and effective custom websites on a wide variety of platforms.

And some clients don't want to know about or deal with a CMS at all. They need an agency partner who can handle updates and keep everything running smoothly.

Our team supports clients on People CMS, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. We can highly recommend each platform depending upon your priorities and goals. 

Get in touch and tell us about your requirements.

WordPress brings the benefit of being very popular software that you can download and self-host, so your programmers can modify or extend the underlying software code. 

This is a great option if you have a development team to support the software and maintain regular patching and security, if you like to tinker with code in your spare time, or if you need a specific plugin.

People CMS is a drag and drop, cloud-hosted CMS designed to empower marketing teams. The intuitive, visual editor was specifically created for entrepreneurs, business owners and busy marketing teams that want a hassel-free solution to keeping their website current.

Hundreds of sites run on the platform including Seattle's Nordic Museum, Panasonic's Solar Energy division, and the Archdiocese of Seattle.

The developers at Bizango created People CMS and can customize and extend it to meet a wide variety of needs.


Migration to People CMS

If you love your current web design, but wish it was easier to edit and more flexible. No problem!  We can migrate your site to People CMS.  

Our web developers will import your existing web design and all public-facing page layouts, photos and content into People CMS. 

We'll reprogram your website using a clean, modern HTML to have the same branding, layout, design and structure, but now it'll be powered by the modular, visual drag-and-drop interface of our content management system, People CMS.  Enjoy!

Our dedicated Seattle team has the combined design, technology and search engine expertise to create powerful, effective online marketing campaigns.
We’ll help you win more customers and we will make your life easier.

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