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“We love the website, and thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every Bizango team member. We are proud of the finished project — Modern and robust without looking busy. Awesome transitions and features. We really enjoyed the process and the organization/flow."

– Justin Davis, Bootstrap Billionaire

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The Bootstrap Billionaire runs workshops, mentorship programs, and trainings that help successful entrepreneurs transform their business, so they run smoothly on autopilot, thriving whether they’re there working or not. Although there are many business coaching programs, Bootstrap Billionaire has a unique lifestyle elements and culture that appeals to a target audience that many other top-tier programs ignore.

To capture this spirit unique spirit we got to know the leadership of Bootstrap Billionaire. We spoke at length about what their best customers value the most, about the key values and priorities that motivate them as leaders and coaches, and about their Bourbon of choice.

The payoff was a gorgeous and unique brand that captures the spirit of the American west over the centuries. Inspired by cattle brands, the feeling of a lasso, and a modern tech logo, the B element is versatile and timeless. And the visual elements which support it convey a little taste of what it’s like to work with these dynamic coaches.

The messaging and testimonials on the website, together with lots of great client testimonials and videos, help lend authenticity and credibility to what they’re doing and we look forward to a great partnership as they discover more stories to tell in the future.

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