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Salish Bioscience

5-star review

"We love the look of our new website!"

-Fennella Raymond, Founder, Salish Bioscience

Website, Brand Development, Business Cards, Powerpoint

Salish bioscience is a startup in the biotech space which has developed a revolutionary new way for oncologists to detect cancer, dramatically increasing the odds of survival for cancer patients.

As a pacific northwest company their brand reflects their love of the natural beauty of the Salish Sea and surrounding area. This was brought to life on the website by the use of beautiful nature photos mixed with science and technology themes.

We worked with the company to design a logo that can function as both a representation of a watershed, with its merging rivers – and the human vascular system in which the detection of cancer cells saves lives.

As a start-up the company's website serves as a foundation for a future growth, and we continue to add careers, technology, products and other content as this young company continues to grow.

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