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Since the 1970s, Camp Denali and its sister, North Face Lodge, have been beloved by nature lovers and travelers seeking an authentic Denali experience.

Deeply respecting their historical roots and heritage, they wanted to preserve the classic elements of their brand while presenting a new, modern and fresh experience to connect with new visitors online.

The website entices visitors with beautiful photos of the lodges, and the wide range of guided activities and wilderness experiences provided by the dedicated staff. It showcases suggested Alaska itineraries for different types of travelers. New video and photo features bring the journey to life.

And a special section of the site showcases recipes from Camp Denali’s world renowned local chefs, giving satisfied travelers a reason to return to the site after the trip and to share it with their friends back home.


When creating a travel website, the challenge for any creative team is to create a design that lives up to — and is worthy of — the stunning photos of nature’s splendor — without getting in the way.

Our mission is to put nature itself on a pedestal — while still taking care to hook the visitor’s attention, guide them inside, and give them a reason to begin their own journey.


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