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Longboat Mobility

"Simply awesome. ... The fresh, modern feel of the site pulls out our personality, culture and brings to life our intention with our brand. I feel it really connects with our partners and customers.
"You made it SO EASY! Website creation has always been (send us the content and we will incorporate it). Your interview-style process, together with EXPERT copywriting made it as effortless as it can be. You make the process of website building suck less! In fact, you make it fun and energizing."
- BJ Higgins, Longboat Mobility
Web Design, Logo Design, Messaging Pillars, Copywriting

Longboat Mobility helps enterprise companies streamline and optimize their product orders, support tickets, and other interactions with mobile carriers.

As a hybrid software and services tech company, Longboat Mobility offers great culture and great software.

They offer their clients access to a world class mobile help desk with dedicated agents, valuable financial perks, as well as a new, powerful online portal that empowers companies to manage multiple carriers through a single, integrated software experience like no other.

They needed a website that could communicate their great culture and values - the reason they are trusted by their enterprise clients - and at the same time show off the new software and services through which that culture is delivered every day.

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