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The founders of monogram skin care had a vision: that everyone is entitled to great skin care products customized to their exact needs and personal style.

We worked with them to create a skin care customizer which customers could complete in order to get automatic, personalized care. Their unique algorithm would create a three letter code – your personal monogram – that tells the retailer which products to recommend.

Once they've completed their monogram, customers can purchase skin care products that fit their unique profile, or shop from the company’s large collection of boutique skin care products.

The customized “Build my Routine” functionality allows customers to dig deeper, uploading a selfie and a “shelfie” to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own skin care routine, recommend products, and provide curated product results.

Bizango created a unique and beautiful interface and rich graphical experience for the monogram customization and personalization process and an online store which features skin care products organized by monogram as well as other products available to the general public.

This customized software was built on the Shopify platform, so it would be simple for the store’s founders to maintain and use the e-commerce storefront while still providing a rich, customized experience for Monogram’s customers.

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