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Paradoxes is more than a market research company. At every stage of the product development life cycle, they help their clients make smarter marketing and product decisions, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities, overcome challenges and mitigate risk.

The company approached Bizango hoping that we would be able to help them tell their story in a clear and simple way, using the same terms their clients used to search Google, and making their dazzling array of services more accessible to a broader audience.

We created a website that brings this company services to life by showing where are they fit in during the product development lifecycle and illustrating each with a simple case study.

We worked with the company to frame their capabilities in terms of key values that their customers are looking for, and to create a new tagline and marketing copy around their core services.

The new website showcases some of the company’s most prominent success stories in info graphic format on the homepage. And we worked with the principals to divide their services into intuitive segments such as Planning and Go To Market.

Using templates and flexible, modular layouts we created a site that is far easier to maintain and expand than their old site was. As Paradoxes continues to grow and expand their services, they use the new site to tell these stories and share their successes.

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