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State of Decay

State of decay is a beautiful and immersive multiplayer video game about the zombie apocalypse.

The game has a distinctive personality, and for the website we wanted to create an immersive and cinematic experience that truly brings it to life.

From its no-holds-barred horror action to its post-apocalyptic beauty, the site conveys the best of the state of decay experience online and mix it accessible to all visitors whether they are state of decay regulars or have never heard of the game.

Importantly it serves as a showcase for the game’s distinctive selling points.  Features such as multiple character pathways, its horrifying cast of monsters, and combat options including the risk of true character death, are highlighted.

Yet State of Decay is also about hope and the website shows that as well. With its values of inclusion and the devastating beauty of its landscape, it welcomes players of all kinds.

In spite of all its technical wizardry, this site was built to conform to level AA accessibility.

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