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Content Strategy

Strategic copywriting sells.

Web-Friendly Copywriting

We can work with clients to create the written content for their websites. We will make sure the content on your website accurately conveys the personality of your website, and that the overall marketing message is simple, comprehensible and consistent.  And, we'll pay special attention to strategic use of your search engine keywords.

Strategic Copywriting

  • Web-friendly copy is concise, structured around frequent headlines and short paragraphs, and easy to read.
  • Search-engine-strategic copy takes into account the keywords you've found that your prospective visitors are searching for and uses those in the headlines, meta tags, and links.
  • Effective marketing copy is carefully designed around a unified, consistent message: the message that helps people choose you over the competition.

Our typical copywriting project will include any or all of the following:

  • Kick off with an informal interview. We'll incorporate notes from our previous creative work with you, and we'll conduct the interview with the goal of eliciting key phrases and identifying marketing concepts that will drive the marketing message.
  • We'll work to elicit and refine testimonials and make sure they're attributed in a way that helps with your search engine strategy, for example in terms of locality.
  • We'll work to make sure that the overall marketing message is simple, comprehensible, and consistent.

Just Need a Polish?

If you prefer we may be able to work with your current, existing copy to clean, refine and polish it, and bring it up to date with a contemporary web style.



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