3 Ways Your Website Can Help Recruit New Employees

August 10, 2021

A company is only as good as its employees and hiring good talent is hard, especially in today’s job market.  Employers spend time and money recruiting qualified candidates, screening applicants, interviewing, performing reference and background checks, negotiating offers and onboarding new hires.  Depending on the industry, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to fill a vacancy.  According to Glassdoor’s May JOLTS Report, it is still very much a job seeker’s market and many employers are struggling with a labor shortage.

Your website isn’t just about bringing in new customers – it can help with recruiting employees, too.  When applicants visit your website, what do they find?  Does your website design make them feel inspired to apply for job openings?  Is it easy for them to contact you or find out more information about the position?  Can they apply for the job right on your site?

Here are ways in which your company’s website can help you with employee recruitment:

1. Entice potential applicants by showing off your company’s culture on your site.

Posting images of fun staff outings or retreats, quotes from happy employees, or value-driven mission statements all work to show off what a great place it is to work at your company.  Creating a Careers page or even just a block on your homepage or your website’s About page can show candidates that your business is a place where they could see themselves working. Making a culture-fit match is not only important to attracting talented candidates, but attracting the type of employees who are motivated to stick around.

2. Publish job postings right on your site.

Create a Careers page on your site where you can display your job postings including a detailed job description, a downloadable application or an online ‘apply now’ submission form.  Bizango's easy to use CMS makes it easy to add new job postings and remove them once the position is filled.  If you want a more sophisticated online application form which would include customizable features and data storing capabilities, formbuilder platforms such as Formstack are slick and can be integrated right on your website.

3. Integrate HR platforms on your site.

Some companies may choose to use a human resource online platform to improve their HR processes and worker management.  JazzHR or Greenhouse are examples of HR software platforms.  Employers can post and manage their job openings on their HR platform, which can then be integrated on your website so applicants have a smooth transition from viewing the posting your site to applying through your application portal.

Your website is often one of the first places people interact with your company, whether that be customers or job applicants.   Having a website that attracts qualified candidates and entices them to apply for a position helps you be a better, stronger company.  Because after all, we’re only as good as our employees.

Do you need to up your website’s game to recruit awesome employees?  Contact us to talk about how we can help.

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