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Denver SEO is the best, highest-converting way to get in front of the right people at the right time.

Search Engine Optimization is how you ensure that new customers are able to find you online.

It begins with ensuring, at a technical level, that your website accurately conveys to Google exactly what you do.

Let's say you've invested in some beautiful Denver web design. Now, you want your website be our there 24 hours a day bringing you new customers.

Our search engine specialists work collaboratively with our clients to research, discover and evaluate the exact search terms ("keywords") which your prospective customers are typing into their search bar.

Then we build pages designed to rank for those exact searches.

This is how we do it.

Get the Data

We don't guess what terms you visitors are typing into their search bar - we research. If you working with a Denver SEO company that doesn't share you keyword data... do you know they even have it?

Build the Pages

SEO isn't just about ranking your homepage. With the right content strategy, you can have customers entering your website through countless doors - each optimized for a different thing

Attract the Right People

With the right offsite recipe, we can help you boost your online profile to bring the people you really want straight to your site. After all, you found us, didn't you?

“I am thrilled with our new website!
It has rocketed us to the top of the Google results.”


– Leif Jackson, Jackson Remodeling –

Let's Talk About Your Traffic!

Imagine the flood of free internet traffic coming to your Denver website when you've mastered your keywords and you rank on page 1 in the Google and Bing search results.


Chances are, more than a few things are standing in the way of your website ranking higher. Everything from non-optimized website code to weak backlinks can cause your website rankings to stagnate.

At Bizango, we’re a leading Denver SEO expert. We’ve helped countless local businesses like yours optimize their websites and reap the benefits of ranking higher for their desired keywords.

Read on to learn more about our processes, philosophies, and the value you’ll get from working with our crack Denver SEO agency.

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Our Data-Driven SEO Philosophy

Before we touch a single line of code on your website, we perform a comprehensive competitor analysis to discover your competitors (in Search Engines and in real life) and exactly what they’re doing for their on-site and off-site SEO. We then use this information to guide our SEO strategy for your website.

We pay close attention to how your competitor sites are set up, and performing. We look for areas of improvement and opportunities that will allow your website to provide a far superior user experience than the competition.

Analyzing their content, images, and funnel can provide actionable insights into how they’re driving new traffic, leads, and business through their front door. We then work to replicate their success on your website.

We also analyze something called “user intent,” which is the intent of whoever performs the internet search. For example, let’s pretend you own a shoe store. When someone types “blue Nike shoes” into a search engine, it’s somewhat unclear as to the intent of their query.

  • Do they want to learn more about blue Nike shoes?
  • Are they interested in purchasing blue Nike shoes?
  • Or maybe they want to learn more about where blue Nike shoes are manufactured?

The trouble with a website that ranks high for this specific query is that you can’t guarantee that every single visitor wants to buy blue Nike shoes. If you were to optimize for that keyword, it might have a questionable ROI.

However, if you were to optimize your website for the keyword “buy blue Nike shoes,” that is a pretty clear indication that whoever is searching for that phrase wants to buy a pair of blue Nike shoes immediately.

Optimizing your shoe website for the keyword “buy blue Nike shoes” will provide a far greater ROI than if you were to optimize it for “blue Nike shoes.”

At Bizango, we consider all of these factors and more to build a comprehensive keyword list for which we will optimize your website.

We have a two-fold philosophy when it comes to Denver search engine optimization. It’s all about what you do on your site as well as off your site.  Also known as on-site and off-site SEO, it’s the cornerstone of how we increase the search engine rankings of our clients.

On-Site SEO

Smart SEO is not about pointing robotic links at your site. There's a foundation to lay and if you get that right, everything is going to be a lot easier going forward.

So we ensure that your website allows Google and other search engines to effectively and efficiently crawl your site and understand what it’s all about.

We start by performing a technical audit of your website that looks at the following:

Website code—Poor website code that emanates from using a cut-rate web design company can stop Google and the other search engines from being able to crawl your website.

Non-optimized code on your website presents an often undecipherable maze to the search engines and prevents them from navigating and identifying what your site is about.

When we find sites with poor website code, we recommend how to fix it so that Google and the other search engines won’t have any problems understanding precisely what your company or organization does.
Keywords—You want your website to bring you new customers. At Bizango, our search engine specialists work collaboratively with our clients to research, discover, and evaluate the exact search terms ("keywords") which your prospective customers are typing into their search bar.

We then build pages designed to rank for those exact searches. Keep in mind that there is such thing as over-optimization, also known as “keyword spam.” Google will often penalize websites that inject too many keywords onto a page.

For example, let’s pretend that you own a Denver construction company. Google and other search engines my consider the content on your site “over-optimized” if uses your keywords incorrectly, too often, or even incorrectly tagged. It's called keyword stuffing, and offers zero value to the reader and shows Google that you have nothing to say - you’re only trying to rank for the keywords.

Content—The reason Google ranks many websites high in the search results is that they offer a good user experience. Content is part of that user experience. If you have poor on-site content, Google can tell and won’t rank your site very high.

Great content is also important from a conversion perspective. Content that isn’t persuasive and doesn’t instill trust in people won’t cause them to fill out your contact form, pick up the phone to call, or make a purchase.

Content is perhaps one of the most important aspects of on-site search engine optimization. The search engines use artificial intelligence to read and understand the content on your website and can tell what is and what isn’t good content. As such, it pays to get it right.

If you have internal website pages with little to no content, there’s an extremely good chance that they are hurting your SEO. Google considers thin content pages to be a poor user experience. At the very least, add 250 to 500 words of content per page.

Technical Issues—The search engines can pick up a wide range of technical issues. For example, is your site optimized for mobile phones? If not, chances are Google has penalized your website for not working well on smartphones.

There are also several other technical issues that your site can suffer from, such as 404 pages (dead website pages), slow site speeds, and a lack of proper internal link structures.

Our SEO audit will catch all of these issues and more. We will then make our recommendations for improving your on-site SEO.

Off-Site SEO

This second pillar of SEO is just as important as the first. Off-site SEO deals with how many relevant, high-quality, and authoritative websites link to your own. Google and the other search engines view each quality link as a vote of confidence.

The reasoning is that websites with lots of links are probably higher quality than those with just a few links. However, that does not mean that one should go out and pay for links. If you have too many low-quality links from other websites, there’s an extremely good chance that Google will penalize your site by lowering its rank in the search results.

What is a low-quality link?

Pretty much any link from a website that isn’t relevant or authoritative—or comes from a bad neighborhood. This is why you need to be careful who you hire for Denver SEO services.

If the agency you hire builds poor quality backlinks, such as ones from a casino or pharmaceutical website, Google can and will penalize you.

What Does Denver SEO Cost?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon how competitive your keywords are. For example, the keyword “Denver home loan” is probably going to be extremely competitive—as all local banks and credit unions are optimizing their websites to rank #1.

Financial institutions also tend to have deep pockets, and there’s an extremely good chance they’re investing a lot of money into their SEO monthly—and have been doing so for quite some time. This means any newcomers into the space could potentially have years of catching up to do.

Conversely, the keyword “Denver fishing pond” isn’t anywhere near competitive. This allows your website a greater chance to rank higher in the search results for less money, time, and effort.

To learn more about the cost of SEO in Denver, contact the experts at Bizango. We’ll take the time to listen to your goals and concerns and then come back with a quote for any budget level.

Denver SEO Agency

SEO is huge if you want your website to drive traffic and leads through your front door. At Bizango, we can help your Denver business or organization maintain a strong advantage over your competitors.

With 16 years of experience, our proven track record and length list of happy clients means that we have the knowledge and processes to get your website optimized for improved traffic and conversions.

Contact us today to discover why more Denver companies trust Bizango to perform their SEO.

"I've worked with Bizango off an on for the last 10 years.
They are an exceptional company."

Ryan Anderson
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