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Uncovering the value proposition: Alitheon

Alitheon is a Seattle startup that has developed new digital fingerprinting technology that enables their clients to authenticate any object at any point in the global distribution supply chain with extraordinary accuracy -- using nothing more than a picture of the object.

The company’s CEO came to Bizango with several compelling case studies, but a website that was bogged down in techical jargon. It was hard for visitors and investors to understand what the company did and how they might use it.

We developed a brand and logo for Alitheon that was inspired by the notion of a simplified digital fingerprint.

When it came time for the website, we built it around the case studies. We wrote copy that explained the company’s core product in simple terms that visitors could understand, and designed a homepage that would steer them into the case studies, where the key value prop comes to life. The entire site was reborn with the new graphics and simpler messaging.

Now armed with a website that that persuade visitors of the awesome value of what they can do, Alitheon continues to expand. Stay tuned!

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