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Hokanson Vascular

Responsive Website Design | Content Strategy
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Hokanson is a medical device manufacturer in business for over forty years. Their innovative medical devices serve researchers, physicians, technologists and patients.

Their previous website was organized around product model numbers and focused on specifications. This structure appealed to some technicians and other advanced buyers, but didn’t help introduce new buyers to the company’s products.

Exploration of the different customer personas led us to create a new design and a new architecture for their site.

The new site showcases the company’s values, leading with their authentic passion for patient care in vascular health.

It features product names, specifications and details, to make it easy for technical-minded buyers to find what they're looking for in the way they're accustomed.

It also includes content portals that serve as landing pages for each of their individual buyer personas. Physicians, for example, can start on a page that showcases scenarios that correspond to the things they most need to do. Specific products are featured and recommended for each scenario.

The result is a site that’s more accessible and showcases more of the company’s products to an ever-expanding customer base.


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