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Seattle’s Nussbaum Group constructs and organically maintains some of the most exceptional private landscapes in the pacific northwest. You’ve seen their landscapes in the Seattle Times and Architectural Digest.

One of their core values is to be exceptional in every way — from their process, to the landscapes they create. They needed a website that would live up to their core values, stand out, and give the world a chance to see the kind of work they do.

We created a unique scrolling homepage design to help them tell this story.

The site was designed to command attention, take charge of the viewer, for just a few minutes, and immerse them in a true story of extraordinary possibilities.

Just as important, it needed to be easy for the marketing team to add new photos, galleries, and content sitewide. We used modular, flexible design elements to ensure the site would be easy to manage, and serve as a platform for continued growth.

Like flipping through the glossy pages of a high end magazine, this captivating site draws audiences in, tells a compelling story, and inspires.

Case study coming soon.

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