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True North Collective

Rachel Ligtenberg was a respected senior executive and board member with a remarkable track record at REI. As Vice President of Retail Operations, she transformed the customer journey, both digitally and physically. When she left the company she decided to launch a new, independent business consulting on strategy and leadership.

As a business leader, she brings a deep, spiritual authenticity, pragmatic down-to-earth approach, and a well-honed ability to examine individual leaders and organizations, identify what’s possible, and shepherd transformation at organizations large and small.

She formed True North Collective to inspire, inform, and guide leaders, brands and organizations.

She wanted to create a feeling that was different from any other consulting company, and with her experience and background we decided to create a website that, rather than rely upon stock photos of business people doing business things, would be built upon the imagery of the great outdoors.

As a collective, it was important that the website be an embodiment of diverse team members and not solely focused on one person. We worked with True North Collective to develop messaging, language, and a visual format that displayed the strengths of many players while still leveraging the star power of its founder.

As this dynamic organization continues to grow and discover itself, they have a flexible website that gives them a place to express themselves, offering new services and ways of interacting.

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